Restorative Dentistry

If a tooth has been damaged by injury or decay, a dental crown is an effective way of strengthening your tooth again. Crowns are sometimes known as caps because they fit over the top of existing teeth. They are designed to look like natural teeth and can enhance the aesthetics of your smile.


pictures: metal-free ceramic crowns

If an entire tooth is lost together with the root, it is possible to close the resulting gap with a fixed bridge or an implant.
pictures: metal-free all-ceramic bridge

picture: bridges on a metall basis with ceramic layer1_bruecke_hell

We offer a comprehensive range of fixed crowns, bridges and implant restorations as well as removable dentures.

We help people who are toothless or have a greatly reduced residual dentition, by restoring your chewing performance, function and esthetics of your teeth. The ZZL – Your Dental Health Centre Lucerne – is specialized in the treatment and care of these patients by total, partial or hybrid dentures and implant-supported prostheses.

pictures: telescope prosthesis


pictures: attachment prosthesis

We perform each tooth care aesthetically sophisticated. This is based on a detailed diagnosis and planning. Because what looks good at the end at the same time corresponds to the criteria: fit, function and stability.

The optimum solution for you will be tailored to your individual needs together with us.

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