Prophylaxis & dental hygiene in Lucerne

Wellness for your teeth and your gums!”

prophylaxe_1The term prophylaxis originates from the Greek and was equated with prevention and measures to preserve health.Clean and healthy teeth as well as prevention of new dental diseases, such as inflammation of teeth, gums and supporting structures, are our ultimate goals. Preserving your own teeth is always better than any dentures.

Prophylaxis is also called medical teeth cleaning, because it goes far beyond what can be achieved with dental care at home.

A regular, at least six-monthly professional dental cleaning is the most effective scientifically proven protection to keep healthy and beautiful teeth for lifetime and to prevent bad breath.

In the long term it will save you dental pain, time and money.

In ZZL, your Dental Health Center Lucerne we as a dentist in Lucerne take our time for your consultation upon your diet and your individual dental treatment and prophylaxis. Through targeted oral hygiene motivation and instruction, as well as regular six-monthly professional dental hygiene, we can in the long term preserve your most beautiful jewelry – natural and beautiful teeth. Through our efficient recall program, we determine your individual inspection intervals in consultation with you by focusing on your individual disease risks. This is how you get the security that your teeth are always in good hands.

We look forward to meet you!