Pediatric Dentistry

“The first visit to the dentist is exciting for children. Therefore we take a lot of time for your children.”

We want to support parents in bringing up their children for oral hygiene and dental health. Playfully children learn how to turn the annoying brushing of their teeth into something funny and that a visit at the dentist is no reason for concern.

Our goal is to fearlessly establish, build and promote trust between a child and a dentist. This allows dental health for the future and prevents anxiety and avoidance behavior before adulthood. As soon as the first milk tooth erupts, brushing of the teeth is part of the daily duty of parents.

Milk teeth are important placeholders for the permanent teeth. Prematurely loss of deciduous teeth due to tooth decay leads to misalignments of the permanent teeth that make complicated corrections necessary.

Bring your child with you to your check-up to plafully accustom it to the dental environment! An early inspection can avoid pain and especially reduce the fear of the dentist.

We offer school dentist examinations and clarify you about

  • How to playfully learn to brush your child’s teeth
  • Which diet is healthy and what to look for
  • How important a regular prophylaxis is to keep healthy teeth for a lifetime

“With us the oral health and your child’s well-being is put first.”

We look forward to welcoming you with us.

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