Dental Implants


“Your aesthetic gap closure while protecting your healthy adjacent teeth!

Of course it is our goal to maintain your natural teeth, however age, illness or accidental loss of individual or several teeth can lead to a significant loss of your quality of life. Due to modern dentistry, lost teeth can in now-a-days reliably be replaced with dental implants, ie artificial tooth roots from pure titanium.

This material does not cause foreign body reaction. Both from an aesthetic and functional perspective implants currently provide the best solution for artificial dentures after tooth loss while sparing out your healthy adjacent teeth.


We at ZZL – your Dental Health Center Lucerne are specialized to integrate dental implants and dentures with the utmost perfection into existing or missing teeth areas. Yet, preserving your own teeth always has priority. If for various reasons this is not possible, we draw from all the advantages of modern implantology, so that you get your natural smile back.

We perform a careful individual diagnosis and planning with a subsequent detailed discussion and cost information!

Call us at 041 210 77 10, because we take our time for you and advise you with pleasure!

Implant Brochure

Treatment possibilities of a single missing tooth Single implant while sparing the healthy neighboring teeth Bridge with preparation of the adjacent teeth Marylandbridge with adhesive bonding to the adjacent teeth
Fixed implant bridge with two implants Fixed implant crowns with 3 implants Combined fixed-removable prosthesis attachmentkombiniert_festsitzend Removable metal-supported denture prosthesis
Restoration of the edentulous maxilla Fixed bridges on 6 implants as an alternative to a removable complete denture Restoration of the edentulous mandible Fixed, bar-retained denture on 4 implants
Fixed, telescopic prosthesis supported on 4 implants Removable denture