Anxiety patient / dental phobia

Stress-free treatment of anxiety patients / dental phobia (hypnosis, sedation, general anesthesia)

“Are you afraid of the dentist? We advise and help you with your fears of treatment”

Just the thought of visiting the dentist triggers in some patients an uneasy feeling. Mostly bad experiences, such as pain, traumatic treatments in childhood or lack of information about the individual treatment steps, are the trigger for the fear of the dentists.

We have a lot of experience with anxious patients. Our empathy and our comprehensive consultation before your treatment help to get your anxiety under control by respecting your needs.

Modern treatment methods allow us to carry out a gentle and painless dental treatment. Transparency and a thorough explanation provide a relationship of trust and enables a trusting cooperation. With our relaxed and stress-free enviroment, we promise you a positive dental experience.

We take a lot of time for you. For very anxious patients we offer, upon their own request, the possibility to perform treatments under sedation, hypnosis or general anesthesia. We cooperate with specialized local doctors specializing in hypnosis and anesthesia.

“Make your first step now and tell us about your fear! We will overcome it together.”

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