Brunette Woman in Pain

Dental Emergencies

“We are always there for you in case you have a dental emergency!”

During and outside our regular opening times we are always available under the following telephone number:
041 210 77 10

We will immediately make an individual appointment on the same day of your call..

If it needs to go fast

You have a toothache, a chipped tooth or you have had an accident with your teeth?

In most cases the cause of tooth pain has serious reasons. Do not lose any time, go to the dentist as soon as possible to avoid lasting damage.

What to do in a dental accident?

Please provide your emergency dentist in Lucerne with the following important informations on the phone:

  • What happened, when, how, where?
  • Age of the person concerned
  • Are soft tissue, milk or permanent teeth affected?
  • Whacked out permanent teeth should be kept in milk or a Dentosafe box without trying to clean the teeth themselves.

The faster you react after a dental accident, the better the chances of a successful tooth rescue are.

Please report your accident to your tooth mandatory basic health insurance. They cover the costs of the dental accident treatment.

We are there for you. Please call us immediately at 041 210 77 10.